8T Snatch Block

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8T Snatch Block
€ 34,90
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs



Rockfoxx snatch block made of solid heavy duty steel for up to 8,000 kg load capacity.

Product description:

Snatch blocks are very versatile. They serve for the use with cable winches or cable pulls. Here the efficiency is doubled by the use of the pulley (doubling of the tractive force). Our pulley is also suitable for lifting and lowering heavy loads or for reversing the direction of pull.

In the off-road area, the pulley is a very important helper. Especially when the vehicle to be pulled is not in a straight line to the pulling point, or when more power is needed.

Often the vehicle to be recovered is in an unfavorable position and not straight to the "tow point", so that it comes to the use of the pulley. In this case, you look for a suitable anchorage point in the immediate vicinity and attach the pulley to a tree, for example, in combination with a round sling and a shackle. We recommend using our soft shackle here.

In most areas of use, the pulley is subject to high forces and difficult weather conditions. Snow, ice, rain, mud or sand! The deflection pulley must withstand all these conditions. This was also taken into account in the development and production of our idler pulleys.

Application examples:

  • Serves as recovery and breakdown aid
  • Pulling and shifting aid for heavy loads in forestry operations, e.g. trees
  • Mountaineering or climbing
  • Sailing
  • rescue of persons in the open air

Product Details:

  • Material: Made of solid, robust steel.
  • Maximum load: 8.000 kg - 8 t ( 17.700 Lb)
  • Suitable for: Rope diameter from 1 - 12 mm
  • Lubrication nipple for the internal ball bearings
  • Roller diameter: approx. 100 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Movable rotating housing for easy insertion of the rope
  • Own weight: 2.7 kg

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x Snatch Block 8t
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GTIN: 4260624293394

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