Automatic Fuel Pump with Shaker Valve

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Automatic Fuel Pump with Shaker Valve
€ 9,90
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs



Self priming Pump Hose with Valve for Transferring All Liquids

Product Description:

The practical peristaltic pump, also called shaking pump, facilitates the transfer of liquids. By dipping into the liquid to be sucked off, for example your motorcycle gasoline tank and the simple shaking of the hose, the transparent hose sucks the liquid.
The vacuum that is created ensures that the liquid flows by itself. The suction with the mouth is no longer necessary and the filling or refilling process requires no electricity.
Thus, the pump can be used anywhere, whether in the garden, garage, vacation or at home. The perfect helper, for example, to change the water from the aquarium. Likewise usable as a drinking hose.


Important: The container with the liquid to be extracted must be higher than the empty container. Otherwise, the hose will not create the vacuum that is needed.

  1. Immerse the valve into the container/tank to be pumped out.
  2. Hold the end of the hose in an empty container/tank.
  3. Move the valve up and down in the liquid until the liquid starts to flow.
  4. The pumping process runs automatically from this point.
  5. To stop pumping, simply pull the valve out of the liquid.

Product Details:

  • Material
    • Hose: PVC
    • Valve: Copper
    • Check ball: Made of corrosion-resistant glass and stainless steel spring
  • Hose length: approx. 200 cm
  • Hose inner diameter: approx. 15 mm
  • Wall thickness: approx. 1.7 mm
  • Valve opening: approx. 20 mm
  • Item weight: approx. 260 g
  • Suitable for all liquids except aggressive media

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x shaking pump
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