Tie-Down Belt, automatic roll-up w ratchet for fix installation

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Tie-Down Belt, automatic roll-up w ratchet for fix installation
€ 39,90
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs



Racefoxx Automatic Tie Down Belt w/ Ratchet for Fixed Installation.

Product description:

This tensioning strap with automatic retractor and ratchet is designed for fixed installation. It has a lashing force of 530 daN and is equipped with a strap width of 47 mm and a strap length of 1200 mm (1.2 m). The breaking load is 1,363 kg, which means that the strap has a maximum load capacity of 1,363 kg before it breaks.

To use the tensioning strap, attach the S-hook of the strap to a suitable point on your means of transport and pull the strap through the ratchet to create the pre-tensioning force. The ratchet ensures effective power transmission and the desired pre-tension. A hand force of 50 daN is required to tension the strap optimally.

The EU standard EN 12195-2 2018 specifies the requirements for tensioning belts and provides clear guidance to drivers on safe use. The tensioning strap meets this standard and therefore offers you safe use. However, it is important to note that this strap should only be used for lashing and not for lifting loads.

The advantage of the automatic retractor

Another advantage of the lashing strap is that it is equipped with an automatic retractor. This means that the strap is automatically rolled up after use and thus cannot get tangled or knotted. This saves you time and allows you to use it quickly and easily the next time you need it.

The automatic retractor also ensures that the belt is stored neatly and compactly, saving space and ensuring a longer service life for the belt. In addition, the automatic retractor minimises the risk of damage or wear to the belt due to improper storage or handling.

Overall, the automatic retractor is a useful feature of the tensioning strap that contributes to efficiency and safety when transporting cargo.

Product details:

  • Rigging strap with automatic retractor and ratchet.
  • S-hook tensioning strap
  • Is permanently mounted
  • Strap 47 mm wide and 1200 mm long
  • Breaking load 1.363 KG
  • Extremely stable and reliable part
  • EU Standard EN 12195-2 2018
  • Not for lifting loads

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x Tie Down belt automatic
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